VIP Half-Day:

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This highly specialized, premium service is scheduled for one half-day block. This is a custom service tailored for each individual client. It is designed to achieve a bigger shift and faster change.

The VIP half-day will kick-start the change process in a more profound way than is possible in one regular 45 minute appointment.

This is a comprehensive, all-inclusive session which takes into account your personality, lifestyle, work, relationships, interests, struggles, goals and everything that makes you unique. This longer service is designed to give you many tools to take a big jump forward in achieving your goals. I will tailor an exclusive VIP half-day to suit you personally.


A VIP Half-Day includes:

  1. A Pre-Assessment by phone before the VIP day to discuss what you are struggling with and what goals you would like to achieve

  2. A thorough history of your patterns and difficulties to date and an assessment of areas in which you need new tools, new insights and new ways to act.

  3. Numerous insights, suggestions and real tools that you can take with you after the VIP day is complete.

  4. In-session big task completion like writing or editing an online dating profile during the VIP day.

  5. Creating a detailed and actionable plan to accomplish your goals.

  6. Other exercises tailored to your particular situation.

  7. Snacks and breaks.

  8. A 15 Minute Phone Intensive to use after the VIP day at any time.

You will leave the VIP Half-Day with more confidence and focus to achieve your goals. You will also leave the VIP Half-Day with a comprehensive, detailed and actionable plan to accomplish those goals.  This is a fast-track for individuals ready for a big change.  The VIP Half-Day can be used on it's own or as the precursor to weekly counseling appointments.

If you are ready to jumpstart your goals and have faster success, please give me a call at (212) 579-6531 or send me an email through my contact page. Contact New York or Contact Asheville.   We will schedule this exclusive service for you at your convenience.