About Jacqueline Schatz

Jacqueline Schatz MA, EDM, LMFT

Jacqueline Schatz MA, EDM, LMFT

As a psychotherapist, dating and relationship expert, I have been successfully helping people for over 15 years.  I work collaboratively and actively to develop individualized, unique strategies for each person with whom I work.  I provide a safe and comfortable space in which you can say anything, even things you have never been able to talk about before.


Clients have told me that they find me accessible, insightful and kind. I am honest and direct with my clients yet always approach people’s most personal details with compassion. Sometimes we even laugh together. I take great care to personalize therapy to each client. Over the years, I have worked with many people who, through our work together, have moved into the life, success and relationships they desire.

What I have found is that the people I work with do not have time to waste.  I like to help my clients quickly gain the insight, tools and roadmap they need to solve their difficulties.


Like you, I have struggled and I have been single. I get it. It can feel so lonely and painful to be suffering with the things you do not have or the things that are going wrong in your life.  Having losses that you cannot control or insecurities that are difficult to quell, can become huge obstacles to happiness and success.


Becoming a therapist was a natural path for me. I have been highly attuned to relationships since I was young, when I watched the demise of my parents' marriage. Their divorce shattered my world.  I wanted to learn how to do things differently.


As a student of relationships, I eventually learned how to achieve my own happy relationship with the love of my life.  As someone married with children, I know both the joys and challenges of being in a committed, long-term relationship and raising children together.


I use my personal and professional experiences, my super-power intuition, and of course my extensive education and training to help my clients find the happiness they seek and to achieve their most important goals. I want to help you move through your struggles to create the life, happiness and success you have always wanted.



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).  Licensed in New York State and North Carolina. 

Graduate degrees (MA, EdM) from Columbia University, NY, NY in Psychological Counseling.

Post-graduate school training in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Family and Couples Treatment Services.

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in the NY Psychiatric Institute: worked for many years in the departments of Schizophrenia, Substance Abuse and Personality Studies.

Supervisor in the Family and Couples Treatment division of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in NYC, supervising and training other therapists.

Offices: offering Concierge Counseling and Therapy in New York City, Asheville, NC, and I work with people all over New York State, North Carolina and Internationally via online Video.

As a therapist, my single clients benefit from my years of experience working successfully with couples. 

Though, we have much in common, men and women often experience and approach their struggles in different ways. These differences can lead to conflict in relationships. Having worked extensively with both female and male clients, heterosexual and LGBTQ, I am able to help my clients create the successful relationship they desire.


I have also worked as a Psychological Consultant on a number of television shows, blogs and books, notably: 

  • Date Night Live: television show on Lifetime Television

  • Surviving Marriage: television show on A&E Television

  • Newlyweds, The First Year: television show on Bravo TV

  • Morning Moms blog

  • Married Young: MTV


I would like to help you to feel better and have success in all areas of your life.  Give me a call at (212) 579-6531 to schedule a free consultation or book your appointment here. Let's begin.