Online Video Therapy is

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Face to face Video appointments

Therapy at your convenience

Your location



Highly personalized 

Face to face live video counseling


Get the support you need in a way that fits your life.

You can have access to professional help and support, from the comfort of your own home, office, or while traveling.


Online Video Therapy is sometimes referred to as: Tele-therapy, Distance Therapy, Video Counseling, or Online Counseling


Live Video Therapy is a convenient option for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, busy parents or high-profile individuals.

If you live at a distance from my offices, want to maintain ultimate privacy, travel frequently, are too busy to commute to and from therapy, or simply prefer the privacy of your own environment, video counseling sessions are tailored to your situation. Therapy happens when it is convenient for you. We meet via secure, private video platform.

Since no one will see you arriving at or leaving from my office, online counseling is highly confidential.  You won’t have to tell your boss, co-worker, partner or assistant that you are leaving for your counseling appointment.  Online counseling protects your privacy so that no one has to know you have a therapy appointment. You will never have an awkward interaction or run into someone you know in a waiting room. This is ultimate privacy.

Working together over live online video also saves you valuable time. No need to take a longer lunch to travel to and from your therapy appointment.  Counseling occurs right where you are, right on your laptop or phone.


No travel time to and from therapy appointments.

Flexible scheduling allows you to get counseling when you really need it, such as between meetings, during lunch, while traveling or before work. There is no extra time traveling to and from your counseling session. As a busy person with so many time-constraints and responsibilities, it can be incredibly frustrating to rush across town in traffic, to sit in a waiting room and then have to hurry back after your appointment to get back to work. With online therapy there is no travel-stress involved at all. We will meet right where you are, in your own environment, right on your laptop.


No need for childcare while you go to your counseling appointment.

You can even have counseling while you are home with your kids. Kids can sleep or play in another room while you have your video therapy appointment so you don’t have to find childcare.


Does tele-therapy/ online counseling work like in-office therapy? 

Yes. Like traditional therapy, Video counseling sessions means we are still face-to-face, and appointments are completely confidential. The benefit of online counseling is that you and I don’t have to be in the same place at the same time.  It also means that couples’ sessions can occur with partners in two different locations. Research has shown that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.

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How does video counseling / Tele-Therapy work?

I will email you a link for you to click on. You will then be automatically connected with me directly on live video.  Any device with internet access will work without having to sign up or download anything.  You can access therapy from your work or home computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. No downloads. No tech skills necessary.  

Simply clicking on the link that I send you will take you right to my virtual waiting room. Our therapy session will be a secure, private, face-to-face live video appointment.  Sessions are kept confidential by using a secure and encrypted HIPAA compliant platform. Tele-therapy removes the logistical constraints of traditional, in-office appointments.


Therapy and counseling from the comfort of… wherever you are.

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