5 Essential Tips for Writing a Successful Online Dating Profile

Does your online dating profile attract your ideal partner?  Are you receiving either no responses, or is your inbox flooded with responses from people you have no interest in at all?  Writing a successful online dating profile is essential to meeting your ideal partner online.  Use the following tips to get noticed by the RIGHT people.

1) Describe yourself accurately with your most positive traits. This is not a time to lie or embellish the truth--you want to meet your right match, so you must present yourself accurately. That said, a negative list of traits will not get the responses you are looking for. Present your best traits, hobbies and interests, things about you that are special or unique, funny and interesting. 

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2) Leave most of your personal details for the actual in-person dates.  Do not say everything about yourself on your profile.  You must maintain some privacy from all of the strangers who are viewing your profile. This is important not only for safety, but, also because many things are better revealed in person, over time.  It takes time to get to know someone. So, keep some things for later so that your ideal partner can get to know you over time.

3) Choose your photos wisely.  Do not post any photos in revealing clothes or in a bathing suit/underware.  Posting scantily clad photos gives the message that you are available for casual sex and/or your value is mostly about what you look like. You will not get responses from someone looking for a long-term relationship. You are looking for someone who will want to be with you for many reasons, only one is what you look like.  So, post attractive pictures--of your face, of you doing an activity, of you with friends or family.  Save the sexy for after you start dating.

4) Try to put in something unique--this can be something funny, clever, irreverent, some special trait or quality that shows who you are and sets you apart.  You want to find someone who finds those special things about you endearing and who may share some of your interests.

5) Don't take yourself too seriously.  It is good to laugh, and conveying your ability to laugh at yourself, at your quirks and unique traits, without self-deprication, is very attractive.

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Posted on November 10, 2013 and filed under Dating Coaching.