Your Assets Are Your Brand: Capitilize on Your Assets to Attract Love

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Last month I wrote about How to Capitalize on Spring to Attract Love.  This month I want to discuss an additional way to use what you already have available to you to find a wonderful love-filled relationship.

We all have special gifts, traits and talents that make us unique and attractive.  Perhaps when you have guests over for a meal they always feel comfortable and welcomed in your home. Maybe you are a great listener and make those around you feel special and heard. Perhaps you are a great tennis player, extremely knowledgeable about art history, speak a foreign language (or several), have a wonderful laugh, a terrific sense of humor, a gorgeous smile, are infinitely knowledgeable about the best restaurants in the area, or a loyal friend.

Whatever your unique assets, the combination of them is unique and special to you.  And, "the one" will be attracted to YOUR assets in particular.

Think of these assets as your brand, your trademark. The unique combination of your assets are why someone would choose you instead of choosing someone else. Your assets make you special and appealing.

So, what is your brand? This is a not a question to be taken lightly. Which of your assets do you want others to know about? Have you been keeping any assets hidden? Which assets uniquely define you? What are the things about you that others often compliment? The compliments you hear again and again are your most salient and special gifts. These are your best assets.

Don't be afraid to show off your assets. You must be out in the world in order to meet someone. And, letting your assets be known will attract someone to you. Now, just to be clear, if one of your assets is a fabulous body, I do NOT recommend showing off this asset by dressing in skimpy or revealing clothes. You want to show the world (and your future partner) that you respect yourself, so, attractive and flattering clothing that you would feel comfortable wearing in front of your new beau's mother is a good gauge.

Allow yourself to comfortably walk through the world with a strong sense of your assets. This knowledge of your uniqueness, your special gifts, will give you confidence and get you noticed.  Wear your assets proudly. Love may be just around the corner.  Read more about how I can help you with personalized counseling.

Posted on April 19, 2013 and filed under Counseling for Women.