How to Capitalize on Spring to Attract Love

Spring is the time for hope, renewal, growth, natural beauty and, the time for love.  If you are tired of being single, this is the best time of year to meet someone and fall in love.  Love is in the air.  By taking a few of the following steps you can increase the likelihood that you will find love now.

Adopt a Spring-like attitude.  Be bright, positive, full of life.  This is one of the most attractive traits that all people are drawn to.  Think of Spring as coming from within you and you will radiate that brightness.  You may be surprised how this small change in your attitude will attract a potential mate.

Take a new class in a subject that has always interested you.  New learning enlivens your spirit and expands your thinking.  It can bring a new excitement and energy to you that is visible to others.  Beside what you will personally gain, your new energy will be very attractive to others.

Srping runner.JPG

Take advantage of the better weather and walk or run outdoors in order to see new flowers blooming, the trees beginning to bud, and to feel the fresh air in your lungs.  Observe and think about these things as you walk/run.  You will walk taller and happier--this will also attract others to you.

Put your best self forward.  Dress well which shows that you took the time to care for and respect yourself.

Take time away from work and obligations to allow for rest and renewal. Feeling happy and relaxed are important for your well-being and are attractive to others.

And, most importantly, remember that "the one" may be anywhere at anytime.  Allow your positive, special uniqueness to shine through when you walk out into the world. A positive spring-like attitude is hard to resist.

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Posted on March 20, 2013 and filed under Dating Coaching, Counseling for Women.