What is your New Year's Dating Resolution?

Will this be the year you commit to changing your the way you are dating? Will you commit to yourself and to your goals? Will you date better and date smarter so that this will be the year you find the love of your life?

Real change that is positive and long-lasting requires real commitment. If you want to find the one, and stop dating losers, cheaters, non-committers, or even nice people who are just not right for you, you will need focus, a plan, and real tools.

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1) Focus:

Spend some time thinking about your ultimate goal. Write down all of the qualities of the partner you want. Now, pair down your list into things that are absolute requirements. Make a similar list of deal-breakers--things you will not tolerate in a mate. Now read your lists. Focus on them so that you know in your heart of hearts what qualities your partner must have and what qualities he/she must not have.

2) Make a two-pronged plan:

How will you go about meeting this person? You must have a two-pronged plan, a community plan and an online plan. Your community plan involves getting out to places where you might meet someone. Do activities you like, go to friend's parties, work events, take a class, go to political/sports/art/music events, and, tell all of your married friends that you would like to be set up if they know a suitable person.

Your online plan includes signing up for one of the online dating sites and creating a great, accurate and positive profile with many good pictures.  If you are already on a  dating site, it is time to revamp your profile and change your main photo.

3) Obtain real tools:

Are you going on many first dates but not getting asked out for second dates and you don't know why? Are you finding on first dates that the person you are with does not meet your criteria, there is no spark, or you don't have much in common? Are you not being asked out at all?  Asses the areas in which you need some help and new tools. Now, go out and get that help and new tools: Pick up a self-help book, ask a friend who is in a successful relationship what they think you are doing wrong, or get some professional help.

With focus, a specific plan, and real tools this year can be the year you change your life and find the long-lasting, love-filled relationship you want. Do not delay, this is your life!

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Posted on January 27, 2014 and filed under Dating Coaching.